About the company

The iPay.ua company
has been operating on the market since 2009
Our main goal

To provide the market with the most understandable and secure tool for online payment.

Our main principle

Innovation and comprehensive support

We provide

The opportunity for our Partners to increase sales volumes or provide a higher level of payments by payment cards via the Internet, thanks to the use of modern payment technologies that have proven themselves.

3 000+

The company iPay.ua has its own portal, where customers can pay bills for the benefit of more than 3000 companies

500 000+

More than half a million customers make monthly payments with our help

Together for 13

The token allows us to use innovative payment tools and marketing mechanics

How is the quality of
our service achieved?

Many years of work experience in the field of Internet acquiring

As well as cooperation with leading Ukrainian acquiring banks

High competence of the company in the field of Internet marketing

Allows you to conduct joint Internet campaigns to increase the level of payments

Own contact center

from specialists who have high competence in the field of payment by payment cards

Development and support of technology by full-time specialists

This allows you to quickly react to changes and promptly respond to unusual situations

Own monitoring service and quality control department

They constantly monitor changes in the technological environment (the appearance of new devices or browser versions), which allows to ensure the maximum throughput of operations


Extract from the National Bank of Ukraine


Certificate of registration of a financial institution