Online payment in your online store

Accept payments by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay in your store or app

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What is Internet acquiring?

This is a technology for calculating on the Internet. Instead of paying by details, the client enters his card data on the website, application or chooses an electronic wallet. The request for withdrawal of funds is successively passed through the acquiring bank, the payment system and the issuing bank. For the user, the process takes a few seconds. The buyer and the seller immediately receive a notification about the success/failure of the transaction.

You can set up acquiring for online stores directly through the bank or by contacting a payment provider."


What does the complex offer for online stores?

The best acquisition for a site or application is a payment page that combines popular methods:

Standard entry of card data

the client enters the number, expiration date and CVV code, confirms the transfer of funds using 3D Secure or Lookupcod

Apple Pay

the checkout button for customers on iOS devices who have previously added cards to Apple Wallet and the checkout button for customers on iOS devices who have previously added cards to Apple Wallet

Google Pay

can be used on any device after authorization in Google and adding the card to Google Wallet supports payments by cards of the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, as well as the Ukrainian payment system Prostir


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Checkout page in your website or app design implements all methods on a single checkout page. It is branded according to the style of your store - the color scheme is followed and the logo is applied. The page is displayed adaptively on different devices. This approach increases customer trust in your site and increases conversion by 30%.


Additional features for online stores

We know that regular payments are not always enough. That is why we have developed additional technologies that will simplify your business processes and help facilitate bookkeeping


Optimize the payment process by reserving the amount on the customer's card before the actual charge. This approach allows you to ensure that your order is processed without surprises, and in the event of an order cancellation, the amount is immediately unblocked.

Such a strategy not only ensures reliability for customers, but also reduces the load on your resources and saves on commission costs.

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Partial and full refunds

Customer return requests are not a headache with online acquiring. Return all or part of the purchase amount and maintain customer loyalty at the highest level

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Personal office of the trader

All payments made in your online store are sent to your personal merchant account. You can track payment statuses, process returns, download reports, and know who paid for the product and how.

Split payments

If you work with several partners (sub-merchants) and need to distribute received payments between them, the Payment Split tool fully automates the process. This is useful when you sell products from different merchants on the same marketplace.

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