Recurring payments

Simplify the process of paying for the subscription of your services for customers by using recurring payments.

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What are recurring payments?

These are periodic regular debits from the card without additional confirmation by the client.

You can set up recurring payments for:

  • Internet and telephony payments;
  • Subscriptions to entertainment services and educational programs;
  • Subscribers to sports sections and master classes;
  • Periodicals;
  • Automatic renewal of hosting and cloud storage;
  • Purchase of goods and much more.

The tool meets the needs of businesses that sell goods or services with the same ongoing payment on a pre-determined schedule.

Buyers' card data is encrypted by the payment provider without saving the original data.

How do recurring payments work?

It is convenient to connect the tool to your website using the payment provider It is possible to do this during the complex order of acquiring or as a separate service.

For the client

The client subscribes to your product, provides his payment data and consents to automatic regular debiting of funds without his additional participation.

For business

You regularly receive payment from the customer, and he continue to use your product without too much trouble.

Advantages of recurring payments

Statistically, 20% of subscription payments are identified as unsuccessful due to random issues. Recurring payments reduce such situations to almost 0.

Payment notification

Customers do not need to monitor their subscriptions after choosing a tariff and making the first payment. Each debit is confirmed by the payment provider with a notification.

Regular write-offs

Businesses get repeat customers and regular customized payments.

Dismissal in case of failure

If the transaction is unsuccessful, the provider will send an automatic reminder and retry after a specified time.