Split payments

Integrate automatic payment splitting between multiple partners or counterparties

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What is payment splitting?

Split payments is a setting that allows you to split a single payment to multiple recipients.

Splitting payments from iPay.ua comes in handy if you regularly have to settle with several partners after each payment from a client. For example, if you are a marketplace and you need to redistribute received funds between sellers.

How does split payments work?

1 The client adds goods from different sellers to the basket
2 Pays in one transaction
3 iPay.ua automatically distributes the amount between the relevant merchants
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Full automation of settlement with partners

Splitting payments is a convenient tool that automates a large amount of work related to calculations and reporting with partners as much as possible.

Automation of mutual settlements with several partners

Set up instant crediting of funds to partners' accounts and choose convenient payment schedules

Individual commission settings

Set up a separate individual commission for each sub-merchant, according to your arrangements and business models.

Simplified reporting

Get full reporting on payments to each partner and set up automatic sending of reporting to partner's email.

Easy refunds

Give full or partial refunds to individual partners with fine-tuned refund settings.