Acquiring for Internet providers

Connection of payments in the office of Internet providers

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What is acquiring for Internet providers?

Acquiring simplifies the process of accepting payments for businesses and paying for customers. Instead of long input of details, the subscriber pays on the website of his Internet provider with a bank card or electronic wallet (Google Pay/Apple Pay).

Money is transferred instantly. Both parties immediately receive a notification about the success of the operation.

What does provide for Internet providers in the complex?

Acquiring has a number of advantages:

Quick enrollment and inclusion of services

Our systems can be configured so that after payment, the user will instantly get access to Internet services. This greatly increases trust and loyalty.

Automatic payments

The subscriber can enter his card data once, choose a tariff and confirm. Next, the system debits the required amount from the client's card at a given frequency and sends a receipt.

Ability to connect to the bot tools allow you to connect payments in Viber and Telegram bots, if this is your main channel of communication with customers.

Personal office of a trader and analyst

Tracking of all transactions in the trader's personal account. You will be able to see the statuses of operations, download reports.

Integration with billing systems

Integration with Abills, Ubilling, MikBill and noDeny billing systems is possible. Integration with standard iPay API


How to connect acquiring for Internet providers to yourself?

You can set up acquiring by contacting the bank, Apple, Google, etc. separately. For this, you will have to conclude several contracts and implement each method separately. It is simpler and more profitable to connect the entire complex through a payment provider.

Start by submitting an application at You will be contacted by a manager who will help you choose the optimal tariff and complex. After signing the contract, specialists will connect the selected services to your website — you will start accepting payments from your customers.