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Our customers and their financial data are our primary concern. offers you advanced technologies and standards in the field of cyber security to ensure reliable protection of your money and customer data. We provide multiple layers of security that stop fraudsters, but don't create barriers to honest payments

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PCI DSS certification

PCI DSS is one of the strictest security standards for payment providers in the world. regularly undergoes independent audits that guarantee PCI DSS compliance. This confirms that we provide secure data storage and protection of customers' financial information at the highest level in the world of payment cards.

Advanced anti-fraud

Every transaction goes through the anti-fraud system. Antifraud analyzes more than 300 factors and compares each transaction with fraudsters' behavior patterns. This allows you to detect both obvious fraud and attempts to hack accounts or use stolen cards.

Smart 3D Secure

We use Smart 3DS, which allows you to determine when you need to use payment card authentication with 3D Secure, and when you can do without it. This increases the likelihood of successful online payments for your goods or services

Mastercard SecureCode and Visa Secure

Mastercard SecureCode and Visa Secure technologies provide security by ensuring that payment is made directly by the cardholder. A one-time password is sent to the cardholder to confirm the payment, ensuring maximum security.

Mastercard Secure
Visa Secure
HTTPS protocol

HTTPS protocol support guarantees encryption and confidentiality of data transmitted between users' devices and the merchant's site. It also ensures data integrity and safely directs users to the correct sites.

Your business is protected by

Our many years of experience and expertise guarantee the reliability and security of your payments. We use modern equipment, maintaining high system performance. We guarantee comprehensive security at all stages of payment, do not store sensitive data and promptly detect fraudsters.

We take care of the security of your payments and customer data so you can focus on your business