Payment links

Accept payments without any technical setup required. Generate payment links in the merchant's account and use them in any sales channel.


How does it work?

Create a link in your merchant's account

Specify the order details and the payment amount, which will be displayed on the future page

Copy and share the links

Copy the generated link and send it to the client in a convenient way.

Track the payment status in your account

You will see the payment status in the merchant's account

Who are payment links suitable for?

If you have a small business or provide private services and do not have your own website, this is not a barrier to accepting online payments into your bank account. Just create a payment link and send it to the client via any convenient channel

For stores on social networks

For offline businesses

For carriers

For service businesses

For insurance

For charitable foundations

What does the payment link page look like?

The page with a payment link is adaptive for any device and has built-in payment options for Google Pay, Apple Pay and manually entering the card number.

The page is protected by encryption protocols and certified according to PCI DSS standards


Benefits of paid links

No website required

With payment links, you don't need to have a website or app to accept payments

All payment methods

On one page you can get all modern payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and manual entry of card data

Freedom of use

Send the page in a convenient way: in messenger, social network, SMS or mail.