How to connect payment services

To connect as a payment provider and receive payments, you must:


Leave a request

In the application, indicate your type of enterprise, name and how to contact you. Our manager will contact you to identify your needs and formulate the best offer just for you.

Leave a request


To start cooperation, it will be necessary to receive a list of founding documents from you. The manager will provide a list according to your form of ownership.


Passing video verification

Documents from item 2. can be submitted in paper form or online through electronic document management services. In the second case, it will be necessary to undergo video verification of the manager online without visiting our office.


Sign a service contract

After agreeing all the documents and passing verification online or visiting our office, we sign the documents for service and provide all the necessary keys for integration

Before the documents are signed, we can provide you with test access to familiarize yourself with the possibilities.

Among our customers

Individual entrepreneurs
Non-profit organizations

What are the connection restrictions?

We are responsible for partnerships and support some principles that allow us to keep our reputation

Prohibited types of goods and services that are not served at

  • Sale of narcotic substances
  • Sale of radiation sources
  • Charitable support of persons and enterprises included in the sanctions lists
  • Illegal sale of databases, personal information, documents and awards
  • Financial pyramids and network marketing
  • Sale of extremist materials, illegal symbols
  • Non-existent goods and services
  • Services related to gambling and money transfers
  • Sale of stolen and counterfeit goods
  • Intimate services
  • Goods and services related to the support of terrorism and separatism
  • Goods and services that violate the legislation of Ukraine
  • Sale of human organs
  • Supporting poaching