Refunds to customers

Set up full or partial refunds for unsold goods or services and increase customer loyalty

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What are partial and full refunds?

According to the law of Ukraine, the buyer has 14 days, not counting the day of purchase, to return or exchange the product. The task of the payment provider is to ensure the simplicity and convenience of this process.

With the help of the merchant's account on, you can quickly resolve the issue of refunding the full or partial amount of the purchase for your customers. The money will be returned to their bank card within 14 banking days, sometimes on the same day.

Full refund

Allows to return the entire payment amount at the request of the client. This is useful for stores where by law the customer can request an official return of the product.

Partial refund

Allows to return only a part of the payment amount. For example, when paying in one payment for the goods of several merchants, or if according to your rules, part of the value should be withheld after the purchase. You can learn more about splitting payments.

How do partial and full refunds work?

The service is connected to your website when you order a complex acquisition service by request. In order to return the payment to the buyer:

1 In your personal account, go to the payments section and choose which one you will return.
2 Specify the reverse transfer amount or apply the action to the entire transaction.
3 Receive a report on successful crediting to the client account.
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Advantages of partial and full refunds

Connecting the service provides:

Quick returns

Quick transfer of money to the client's card. Time limits of up to 14 days are nominally indicated, but often the money is returned almost instantly.

Without bureaucracy

Registration of the transaction in a few clicks without a lot of documents and reports.

No acquisition fee for returns.

Only successful transactions are paid.