Checkout page in your store

The checkout page is a ready-made payment solution that you can integrate into your website or app and accept payments by card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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How does it work?

  1. The user orders a product or service in your store and clicks the “Pay” button
  2. The client is taken to a special payment page with payment details and a form for entering card data and/or additional payment buttons Google Pay and Apple Pay
  3. After payment, the user receives a successful payment status and a payment receipt in electronic form.

Advantages of using iPay checkout pages

High level of security checkout pages undergo annual PCI DSS certification. All payer's data is protected from unauthorized access

All payment methods

On one page you can get all newest payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and manual card entry


The page can be integrated both into the website and into the app, which makes it as convenient as possible

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Checkout page in the design of your website or app

The same design of the website and checkout page contributes a smooth process of paying for goods and services, increases user confidence in the service and boosts payment conversion. We customize the page design to suit your business, guaranteeing an unrivaled payment experience.


How to connect a checkout page?

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